The Birthrights of Citizenship. Open letter to the people of CA-53

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The Birthrights of Citizenship
An Open letter to the people of the 53 District CA
C. Mason Weaver for Congress CA-53

Mason Weaver for Congress CA-53

September 28, 2009

We are part of a unique experience in human communities. The social behavior of early mankind was simple – the strong overcame the weak. It was acceptable and understandable to all. The struggle for personal freedoms was never considered; the struggle was always for the survival of the group. The privileged group may have issues with or disdain for the weaker group but they always expected dominance. Every once in a while the weaker group would rise up and challenge the stronger group. The tides shifted back and forth with one group always assuming the dominant role – this was what people called society.

Human history takes a turn, however, with the American experiment, where society was not based upon the group but the individual. One’s potential was not based upon inheritance or privilege but honor, hard work, and innovation. Ours was a new concept, the individual right of self-governing. It was a system based upon an understanding of the spirit of mankind – freedom! As Americans we are free to come together and determine our leadership, not dictatorship. We are free to determine what is best for our culture. We are free to work and provide for our families as we see the benefits. We are free!

The United States Constitution is based upon the idea that individuals were created. Thus, we are free, not because government says we are but because our Creator has deemed us free. Because we are free, our Constitution recognizes the rights of the individual as opposed to the privilege of the group. Our form of government is designed to accommodate personal freedom and is therefore incapable of taking care of every single need of every one of its citizens. The only way that government could take care if you would be to control you altogether. If you are free, you are by definition uncontrollable; therefore your government must take your freedom from you in order to provide personal safety to you.

Today, people seem to think that very problem facing the American people must have a government solution. However, if the government was created to protect our freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, how then could the government be expected to provide those things when we are lacking? If the government insisted that it provide what you are free to obtain for yourself, wouldn’t that be a problem? So then if the government is the problem, it cannot be the solution. Nowadays every crisis requires more government intervention and less freedom to the governed. If we are indeed a self-governed population then We the People are free to make our own decisions, so only we can solve the majority of our problems. The government was never empowered to make sure that we all liked each other, never offended anyone, or thought the same way about every thing. It is unconstitutional to assume control or influence over our banking, education, health, or wealth. It is counterproductive in a free, self-governing nation to have government regulations controlling every decision citizens make.

Our government was ordained and established by free, self-governing people to secure order and provide general protection while we provide for our families. Our history is that of the people putting pressure on government to change, not the government putting pressure on the people to change. We, the people put pressure on England and it resulted in the Revolutionary War. We, the people put pressure on the South and it resulted in the Civil War. It was the population putting pressure on government in the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, Civil Rights struggles, and the Anti-War Movement that brought about change. It is the American Way; it is the way of self-governed people.

Where is the pressure on the government to perform an overhaul of the healthcare system? Where is the cry from the population of self-governed people demanding our government step in and fix our healthcare? The pressure is coming once again from the people to keep the government out of changing the healthcare system. The President did not campaign on healthcare reform, and there has been no national debate on the issue. This issue was brought to the American people by our government and the government is insisting we accept it regardless of our clear opposition! This is not only unconstitutional; it is a direct threat to freedom as we know it.

With provisions allowing jail time for noncompliance, higher taxes, lower service, and limited access to doctors, the American people are once again required to stand up to its government as only a self-governed people can.

We have said “NO!” We have said it over and over again. We have said it in Tea Parties, town hall meetings, and marches in our hometowns, state capitals, and even Washington D.C. We have said “NO!” over and over again, but our government has responded with a closed, arrogant ear. They have even said publicly that we are like teenage children, a mob, and everything except CITIZENS! It is time to see what kind of government we have and what kind of people are being governed.

If we are self-governed and free, we must say “NO!” one more time. On 11-2-10 we may have our last chance to say “NO!” On 11-2-10 we must declare our freedom once again. We must reestablish the old idea that we are Americans; free and self-governed. Who will stand up for America and tell them we mean NO? Who will tell them they work for us? Who will declare that if we do not want to read 1100 pages, that means NO. If we do not understand the bill, that means NO! If we are afraid or confused, that still means NO! Who will tell them that no matter what name they call us, no matter if we are a mob or not, or even “Astro Turf”, we have said “NO!”, and we mean NO.

If you send me, I will tell them!
C. Mason Weaver for Congress, CA-53


Hillary is the expert on Slavery!

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Hillary Clinton is an Expert on “The Plantation!”

By Mason Weaver


Hillary Clinton has compared her battle for the white house with historical battles over civil rights and women rights. As a black conservative and author of “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation”, I understand why Hillary Clinton used the plantation as a symbol in her struggle for votes. Hillary Clinton’s use of the word “Plantation” in past speeches and  “slavery” more recently, was appropriate for the Democratic Senator from New York. As a member of the Democratic Party, Clinton is an expert on Plantation management and the Plantation Mentality.

It was the Democratic Party that fought to keep slavery legal, supported the South during the Civil War, and supported the formation of the Ku Klux Klan. It was the Democratic Party that passed the Fugitive Slave Act, Black Codes, Missouri Compromise, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. It was the Democratic Party that implemented the Plantation Management programs disguised as Anti-Poverty programs. 

We should all sit at the feet of Hillary Clinton and learn from her how to build and manage non-productive schools, how to force the black man out of the family with welfare programs, how to raise the “poverty tax” on a community with gangs and drugs, and how to increase the illegitimate birth rate among teenagers. Stop criticizing when the expert speaks; remain silent and learn. 

There is a lot that Hillary Clinton can teach us about the Plantation. She can teach us how to get 13% of the population to commit 44% of the abortions. Listen to her and learn how to incarcerate 40% of the males under your control. And of course, her political party understands why Midnight Basketball is more important than Midnight Libraries.

The reason Hillary accused others of being like a plantation is because Hillary and the Democratic Party do not like competition. Slave management has always been the domain of the Democrats. They will always be the party to go to for benefits in poverty, never freedom from poverty. The democratic party of Senator Clinton knows that poor, frightened people vote Democratic. She will always support more comfort in your poverty; just make sure not to advocate leaving her plantation.

Just like the days of old, Hillary represents the kind, gentle slave master. She thinks her slaves love her as she takes care of them. She thinks she is a great woman because, on her plantation, slaves have government cheese programs, minimum wages, and low income houses. What her slaves will never have is freedom!

If you want to learn about freedom you will never learn it from Senator Clinton. Senator Hillary Clinton is an expert on slavery, not freedom. It took escaped slaves going North to explain the true horrors of Hillary’s plantation. That journey started the Underground Railroad and it ended with freedom. Today, black conservatives are leaving the mental slavery of Hillary’s plantation and are going to freedom again. Do not forget, on the plantation there was a 100% employment rate. There were minimum wages (as ‘minimum’ as possible). The plantation had universal healthcare to keep the slaves alive just long enough to get the cotton in. The plantation had Master’s housing, food, clothing, and even a plan to take care of the babies made by the slaves. Just like inter city public schools today, the plantation was only interested in teaching slave children to work for Master. It never taught about freedom and how to obtain it.

As a leading member of the slave party, we will never hear her talk about maximum wage or high income housing. We will only hear about managing misery. She is the wise expert, and we should pay attention.

It was the Republican Party that gave us Women’s Suffrage after decades of Democratic foot dragging. If it was not for the Republican takeover of Congress in 1920, women would not have the right to vote. Hillary should thank the Republican Party, because it was them who made her career possible. Hillary thinks black people and women are her pets, and that they need shelter, food and training. Good for you Hillary – teach us more about your plantation.

 Mason Weaver is a motivational speaker. MasonWeaver@MasonWeaver.com