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Mason Weaver on Fox and Friends

Will Mason Weaver run for Congress.


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    bobpat said:
    September 16, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    Please read this and give me your input or comments:

    Immigration Reform.

    All illegal aliens would have to be sponsored by their employer, during a time sensitive window of opportunity. All sponsored aliens would then be identified, fingerprinted and pending a background check, issued a social security number, a state and/or federal I.D., and immediately placed on the tax roll. They would be eligible to test for a drivers license which would require liability insurance and after the expiration of a 5 (or more) year probationary period would become eligible for citizenship. Anytime an employer revokes his sponsorship for any valid reason, the affected person would have two weeks to locate another sponsor or would have to report to immigration authorities who could allow them a limited time to find another sponsor (depending on their work history and background check) or deport them. The employer would be exonerated from any prosecution or penalties pertaining to prior association for this program to be implemented. After the initiation of this program, laws could be vigorously enforced with severe penalties in regard to the hiring of illegal aliens. For the rule of supply and demand to balance, immigration laws would have to allow enough immigrants to legally enter the country to work the jobs where historically the employers have to rely on immigrant labor.
    This would significantly reduce the cost of patrolling our borders.

    Drug Reform.

    We can eliminate the drug cartels immediately by permitting the sale of nonconforming, illicit or recreational drugs by licensed retail outlets at a next to nothing price, making it legal to purchase the drugs but illegal to take them. The same penalties would still apply for the illegal sale, possession or transportation of drugs without a receipt from an authorized outlet. Taking the profit out of the drug business would have the post prohibition effect on the cartels as it did on the bootleggers. The money we currently spend on fighting the drug wars could be spent on education, rehabilitation and research on drugs. We could implement a 3 strikes and your out policy on illegal use of drugs, placing violators in rehab and detention for a period. The outlets, manufactures and/or distributors of the drugs could not advertise or promote the drugs nor be liable for the effects of the illicit drugs.
    This radical change would end the drug war as we know it and significantly reduce drug related crimes. With the low cost of drugs, there would be less robberies, burglaries, thefts and murders committed by those who need the money to support their expensive habits. We would eventually have to deal with these junkies but only for rehab and not for more violent crimes if the cost of illicit drugs were extremely low by being made available through licensed outlets. The quality of the drugs could be monitored as well.


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