Month: July 2009

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Had enough?

Had enough yet? This government belongs to you. Better act like it. Do not demand, instruct. Freedom is not government issued.


Should Mason Weaver Run for Congress?

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I asked if you have had enough – you said, “Yes!”

You have had enough of surrendering our national sovereignty. You have had enough of being taxed to death and even after death. You have had enough of achievement being punished. You have just had enough.
Someone has to tell them:
Reverse the bailouts, reduce taxes.
Drill for oil here and do it now.
Reward job creators and risk takers.
Marriage is not broken – don’t try to fix it.
Parents, families, government; in that order!


I have been a radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist, and public speaker for over 20 years and have not strayed from the principles. Congress cannot be persuaded – it must be changed.

Someone should stand:
Stand for Dignity!
Stand for Honor and Hope!
Stand for Passion, Love, and Family!
Stand for those too weak and frightened to stand for themselves.

I have talked to my family, my friends, and my business associates. They have given their opinions. Now I am asking you. Long time listeners, fans, associates, and supporters: Should I enter the United States Congressional race in San Diego County and give the people of the 53rd District a chance to take a stand and make a real choice?

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Mason Weaver “We said NO!”

Mason Weaver leads citizens on a protest at the offices of California Assemblyman Block.