Gov. Mark Sanford: Which is worse, being a hypocrite or a liar?

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Mark Stanford had an affair! The governor of South Carolina took a mistress – wow! Now Republicans are supposed to scatter because he is being called a hypocrite? So what? Let’s stop the nonsense; it does not matter what he does – what matters is if what he says is true. Which would be worse, him being a hypocrite for not following his beliefs or being a liar about the truthfulness of those beliefs? Even if I told you a truth that I did not believe myself, it would still be a truth. Truth is as truth is. If Mark Stanford had said “Thus saith Mark Stanford, we shall not comment adultery,” that would be different from “Thus said the Lord, thou shall not commit adultery.” Even if he did it himself that would not take away from the truth. By falling short of his own principles he has not harmed the principles, they are still intact.

The problem with conservative ideology is our forgetfulness of where the principles came from and “whose” they are. They are not the “Mark Stanford” principles. Mark Stanford’s criticism of Bill Clinton’s affairs are still valid criticisms. Mark Stanford’s stand on principles are still valid stances. All our opponents have to do is find a flaw in our character and extrapolate that flaw to our principles. We get embarrassed because we have a public display of the flawed character of human beings; however, they are not flaws in our principles. When our opponents are caught up in similar circumstances there is hardly a whimper because they never claim to have any principles to start with.

Let us not allow the opposition to direct our path or our principles. Let us not abandon them, even the ones that are hard to keep. We should also keep in mind the principles of forgiveness and reconciliation. Why do we turn our backs on those?  Our problems become multiplied when we try to be perfect. All of you reading this message have things in your personal lives you do not what ANYONE to find out about. We all have embarrassing, sinful thoughts and actions. Should we abandon our principles because of personal guilt?

We preach righteousness but judge perfection! That will always result in condemnation, not inspiration! Which is worse, being a hypocrite, or being a liar?

2 thoughts on “Gov. Mark Sanford: Which is worse, being a hypocrite or a liar?

    boomer babe said:
    July 14, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    Solomon MUST have been a hyprocrite! he wrote Song of Solomon and Proverbs BUT DIDNT FOLLOW THEM LATER! HE HAD 1000 WOMEN! He even wrote about his mother, YES Bathsheba, was the one who called him Lemuel, etc. and what kind of woman to go for in Proverbs 31. At least at the end of his life, he wrote Lamentations to make up for it–maybe it was because he was around 700 years BEFORE CHRIST? –what happened 700 years afteror so?…..ISLAM

    boomer babe said:
    July 14, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    TODAY IS 7/14. This day is/was about Solomon and what would happen if he followed GOD and how the land would be healed… we Christians are polluting the land! we will be forgiven, but there is consequences to sin. this is the 49th year since they have taken prayer out of school–and the 39th year of abortion,porn being protected speech, and homosexuality being considered the same as race. The militant homosexuals hijacked the RAINBOW FLAG from the rainbow children–they used to have the purple triangle–and the ‘rainbow children’ were thrown into the ‘black’ category by relatives etc.and couldnt use the rainbow flag-there is nothing homosexual about the rainbow.
    TODAY PORN is causing impotence in young men and turning young girls into LESBIANS Romans 1:26 and only a few are talking about this happening

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