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On my radio program, we discussed the subject of black men with white women. I discovered how deep this topic is cutting into our culture. Lets talk about it and reason with each other. Here is a short video of my wife and I as we have traveled to world together. It was not meant to be a reflection of our love but it does show a black man loving his black wife. Any comments? Mason Weaver


The Perfect Storm

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The Perfect Storm

How did we get here? America is in a place no one could imagine; a place where we can accept what has never worked and reject what has always worked; a place where personal experiences tell us the group thought may just be wrong. But it is also a place were we are afraid to counter the group thought. How did we get here?

It took forty years of the public education system being more interested in benefits for employees than educating a thinking culture. It took a culture getting their influence and power by providing services rather than ensuring freedom. This attitude requires more and more victims for the kind-hearted, well-meaning caregivers, so they can continue to use other people’s resources to manage the lives of the victims. And the more victims there are the more power they have to help the victims. This attitude requires management of freedoms, which spells the end of freedom.

This system, this way of thinking, needs to create guilt in order to achieve greatness, so it points out all of the negatives of this American Culture. Christopher Columbus was a racist tyrant come to abuse the peaceful natives already here, and of course, white America is blamed for every ill affecting and infecting all other people. It’s all the white man’s fault, capitalism’s fault, and America’s fault. What they are really saying is that it’s freedom’s fault.

With that, white America, out of nothing but guilt, has allowed the culture of the Western world to be attacked in order to make more victims for the nice liberals to take care of. They’ve accepted and pushed for Affirmative Action, unbalanced welfare programs, rights for illegal aliens, Chicano studies, and inner city control through poverty pimps, and they did not fight back. So afraid of being called names, they allowed their families and their reputations to be attacked.

In the interest of fairness, they even allowed themselves to be treated unfairly. Indians have been given monopoly of and entire industry (Casinos) because of what white people have done to them. How can a state determine that only one race of people can operate a certain business? Do not give me the emotional nonsense of, “they are a sovereign nation.” If they were sovereign, Californians would not need the State to grant them a casino license. Does Mexico need California’s permission to set up Casinos in Mexico City? No, because Mexico is a sovereign nation. Indians are sovereign only when it is convenient. Where are the Indian UN diplomats, the Indian army or the Indian taxes?

This guilt has silenced any talk of policy and has replaced it with symbolism, and we’re left with symbolism over substance. Then we were given an articulate, black and white candidate. He was as socialistic as they come, and even promised to be so. But no one could counter him because it would be considered racist. The symbolic stance of Barrack Hussein (its okay now to say that) Obama was the greatest thing about him. Had he been an articulate, powerful, charismatic white man with no experience and a socialist agenda, he would not have been considered. It took years for us to get here, and now we cannot voice any opposition to him. We blame Bush, greedy bankers, or ourselves for the failures we see around us, and then comment on how good a speech he gives.

We are being robbed; not just with our tax dollars, but our very souls. Unless we wake up and call it out, we will lose our country. So, like the little boy standing on the corner watching the parade when the emperor came by with no clothes on, let me be the one to shout out: THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ON! Barrack Hussein Obama is a horrible choice of president. I do not need to give him a chance any more than I need to give a robber a chance if I catch in with his hands in my pocket.

His polices has never worked for America; only for Communist leaders. His views of America are negative and helpless. It has always, always been the American people leading our government to the right direction. It has never been the government leading the people. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Suffrage, and every social movement in our history came as a result of the American people confronting our government. Now we are to sit back and let them take good care of us?

No! I will not! The US Constitution was written by men worried about government control over our lives. It is a restriction on government, not the governed. The powers invested within the Constitution only restrict government, not the people. The Founding Fathers are shouting from their graves, warning us of this foolishness. But we cannot hear them; we are in the middle of a storm…THE PERFECT STORM! God bless us all.

Mason Weaver