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HOPE! Bill Clinton claimed to be from Hope, Arkansas, Jessie Jackson wants to “Keep Hope Alive,” and Obama has the Audacity of Hope. Has anyone noticed the call for hope, but not for experience? Obama is a very Junior Senator who only qualifies for the Presidency by being hopeful. And Hillary Clinton’s experience came from sleeping with Bill Clinton in the White House; well, who hasn’t? This political season has sparked new interest from all kinds of people across the board, so the political novice may not have noticed the prospects of the third party spoilers on the horizon. I wanted to make an observation about the effects the third party candidates will have on this election.It is clear that New York city Mayor Bloomberg and Green Peace Party candidate Ralph Nader will change the political prospects for both the Democratic and Republican parties, but how, and for whom?

Today, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he would not seek the Presidency after two years of widespread speculation this came on the heels of Ralph Nader’s announcement two days ago that he would seek the Presidency as a Green Party Candidate.

IS THERE A LINK? Yes, there is!

Michael Bloomberg is a democrat who changed party affiliations to run for mayor of the city of New York. He could not win as a democrat, and he knew that his billionaire status would please the Republican Party, who develops a rash every time they need to raise cash for a strong candidate. The party leaders would sleep with a dead camel if the camel could raise his own money.

Bloomberg’s liberal policies and governmental style have not surprised most political observers; Michael Bloomberg is still a democrat, and Senator Hillary Clinton is from New York; she loves third party candidates.

Her husband, President Bill Clinton, won his first term because of the third party candidacy of Ross Perot. The Clinton’s have never won a national election with over 50% of the votes. Hillary would need a third party candidate to help overcome her very high negatives in the polls. She would need a strong third party candidate with the resources to get on ballots in all fifty states and the money to compete in those states. This candidate would not be able to raise money from traditional donors because of the negative effect the campaign would have for the party. Mayor Bloomberg is a billionaire and would have no problem in doing both.

As long as Hillary Clinton was presumed the nominee, Mayor Bloomberg was moving closer and closer to running as a third party candidate. His potential run would certainly take votes away from the republicans, especially if the candidate was a moderate like John McCain. Bloomberg’s run would certainly bleed support away from the republicans and strengthen Hillary Clinton’s enough to over come her negatives.

But as her campaigned weakens and the nomination drifts out of her reach, the probability of another democrat winning the nomination appears likely. So, the politically wise and very patient Hillary begins to look towards 2012 for a re-run to the nomination. If Barack Hussein Obama wins the democratic nomination but loses the general election, she would be the front runner again for 2012. The weak candidacies of Edwards, Biden, and the others would fail as they have always failed. It would take another unknown candidate (perhaps another person so obscure the Clinton’s did not include them in the hundreds of FBI files they supposedly obtained on allies and rivals) to run against her.

If Obama wins, he will also run for reelection in 2012, and Senator Clinton would then need to wait until 2016 for another run, surely against Obama’s Vice President. As I have said, she is wise. What Senator Clinton needs now is not Mayor Bloomberg, because he would only help Obama win. She needs someone to help the republicans win so she can run again in 2012. Enter stage far left, Ralph Nader.

Think about what a Ralph Nader candidacy would do to this race. He can criticize Barack Hussein Obama in ways Hillary could not. Already he has begun to take real shots at his policy. He can attack him on his liberal agenda in ways Hillary cannot touch. He does not have to apologize to the media for being insensitive; everyone knows Ralph Nader is insensitive. He also has his loyal followers who are as fanatical about their beliefs as Barack Hussein Obama’s followers are about this Utopia called “HOPE”. 

Ralph Nader’s run for the Presidency only benefits one person; Hillary Clinton. Maybe she is the smartest woman in America.

3 thoughts on “The Clinton, Nader, Bloomberg link!

    dune23 said:
    March 1, 2008 at 7:43 am

    Just as in 2000… and we saw who we got then!!!

    A vote for Nader was a vote for Bush.

    And now:
    A vote for Nader is a vote for McCain!


    If ya’ like going to war in the wrong country for no apparent reason vote McCain.

    Uhhh…lemme see… terrorists from Saudi Arabia flew planes into buildings on the direction of another Saudi in Afghanistan…. soooo….OBVIOUSLY… we should invade Iraq.

    Yep! Lemme have some more of that logic…. Maybe Bush can run as Vice-President…. Is that allowed? Because he and his staff are real geniuses.

    Remember folks, the ONLY reason Bush got the White House was because of Nader. Thus Nader can be blamed for: The Iraq War, The economy, The price of oil, and possibly even 9-11.(one can only guess on that last one) McCain is just as nutty as Bush but smarter which makes him more dangerous.

    tex2 said:
    May 4, 2008 at 12:28 am

    What happens if Nader runs again in 2012? He’ll probably run, even if he’s been embalmed!

    masonweaver responded:
    June 30, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    Hey buddy! Just checking in with you. How is that “Hope and change working out for you?”

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